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PROJECT KARENS (2010 - current)


  • Location of Relief:Border of Thailand and Myanmar
  • Crisis:Civil War
  • Date of Relief:1 Dec 2004

The ordinary Karens are an ethnic group in Burma that were caught in a civil war with the Burmese military for over 40 years.  There are still over 700,000 refugees staying in the UN camps along the Thai-Myanmar border and there are tens of thousands still displaced and do not have a permanent place of refuge.

ACROSS, working with the Anglican Church of the Province of Myanmar and the Anglican Church of Thailand, has offered relief assistance since 2010 with the following:

1.   Medical and Dental
2.   Eye Care
3.   Food relief (Mainly rice, and sometimes adding cooking oil, beans, paste, etc.)
4.   Clothing (sarongs, blankets. mosquito nets, etc.)
5.   Water filters 
6.   Children Ministry
7.   Others.